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Investigation launched following collision involving St. Paul squad car and two other vehicles

An investigation is underway following a multi-vehicle collision involving a St. Paul police squad car overnight.

The incident occurred at approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday in the eastern part of the city, at the intersection of White Bear and Maryland Avenues.

According to police reports, the officer was traveling south on White Bear Avenue in response to a reported burglary in progress, with the squad car’s lights and siren activated. Approaching the intersection, where traffic on White Bear had a red light, vehicles near the intersection had yielded to the officer’s squad, a department spokesperson stated.

However, as the officer proceeded through the intersection, an eastbound vehicle on Maryland Avenue collided with the squad car, leading to a secondary collision with another vehicle that had pulled over to yield to the officer.

Footage captured by a 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS photographer revealed extensive damage to all three vehicles involved.

Darnell Fiazer, who witnessed the crash due to his involvement in the secondary collision, recounted the events, noting the squad car’s approach with emergency lights activated. He pulled over to allow the officer to pass, only to witness the collision at the intersection.

Fiazer described the collision as sudden and expressed concern for the well-being of both the officer and the driver of the black sedan, identified as a Toyota Camry, involved in the crash.

Stressing the importance of attentive driving, Fiazer emphasized the potential consequences of negligence on the road.

St. Paul police confirmed that both the officer and the Camry’s driver were taken to Regions Hospital for evaluation of injuries, which were determined to be non-life-threatening. The Camry’s driver required assistance from firefighters to exit her vehicle.

Meanwhile, occupants of the Hyundai involved in the secondary collision were assessed at the scene and did not require hospitalization.



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