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Identified: Victim of Dayton’s Bluff Homicide, Aged 23

Authorities have disclosed the identity of a 23-year-old individual who fell victim to a fatal shooting in the Dayton’s Bluff district of St. Paul last week.

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed the victim as Devon Johnson of Minneapolis, as of Wednesday.

Following reports of gunfire and suspicious vehicular activity near Wilson Avenue and English Street around 11 p.m. last Thursday, law enforcement responded promptly. Upon arrival, they discovered an abandoned vehicle exhibiting signs of collision damage, yet no individuals were present.

Further investigation led officers to intercept a vehicle displaying erratic behavior along Minnehaha Avenue near Frank Street. Within this vehicle was Johnson, sustaining injuries indicative of a shooting incident, according to police reports.

Efforts were made to administer first aid to Johnson, with emergency medical services summoned, yet tragically, he was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Notably, the vehicle transporting Johnson also bore evidence of collision damage, potentially linking it to the earlier incident on Wilson Avenue.

As of now, the St. Paul Police Department has not disclosed any arrests in connection to the case.



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