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Erin Schultz from Le Sueur Wins Miss Shamrock Title in St. Paul

Le Sueur native Erin Schultz has proven that dreams can indeed come true with hard work and dedication. On March 12, she achieved her lifelong ambition of being crowned Miss Shamrock by the St. Patrick’s Association of St. Paul.

From the tender age of three, Schultz envisioned herself donning the coveted crown. Her Irish roots and annual family tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in St. Paul fueled her aspiration. Inspired by Miss Shamrock from her early years, Schultz resolved to vie for the title someday.

Now a senior at the University of Minnesota, Schultz’s moment arrived at the age of 22. Meeting the pageant’s prerequisites, including being at least 21 years old and of Irish descent, Schultz became one of nine princesses competing for the title.

Reflecting on her win, Schultz expressed disbelief at seeing her childhood role model become a reality. “It was over so much faster than I thought it would be too. The day just flew by. It was so much fun,” she shared.

As Miss Shamrock, Schultz, a Le Sueur-Henderson alumna, will serve as an ambassador for St. Paul’s Irish community for the next year. Notably, she is one of the youngest Miss Shamrocks in the association’s history and one of the first openly LGBTQ+ princesses.

Emphasizing the importance of representation, Schultz remarked, “I always thought representation was very important in seeing people who looked like me and had the same values as me.” She is honored to be that representation and a role model for the community.

Beyond her title duties, Schultz aims to inspire youth to engage in community service. Alongside her studies in Business and Marketing Education, she volunteers at a homeless shelter, underscoring the significance of giving back.

Becoming Miss Shamrock entails a focus on community service. Schultz and her fellow princesses dedicated six weeks to volunteering under the scrutiny of association judges, engaging in various charitable activities.

Proud of her Irish heritage, Schultz credits her family for instilling a deep appreciation for it. Annual gatherings with corned beef and cabbage and a study abroad experience in Dublin further enriched her connection to her roots.

Prior to her St. Paul victory, Schultz competed for the title of Miss Shamrock in Le Center, where she showcased her talent for Irish step dancing and was crowned Miss Leprechaun during the 2020 talent show.



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