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Rift over Maplewood School land deepens between Cary District 26 and village

Cary-based School District 26 is forging ahead with plans for a modernized bus transportation center at the former Maplewood School site, but faces potential opposition from the village of Cary.

The district has formally requested a zoning amendment to permit school-related transportation centers, along with a conditional use permit and variances for the project. These variances include a proposed increase in fence height from 8 to 10 feet and a waiver for landscaping around the fence perimeter.

However, the Board of Zoning, Planning, and Appeals of Cary voted 4-2 to recommend rejecting the district’s proposal. The ultimate decision rests with the village board.

Currently zoned for single-family residential use, the Maplewood School property, which has been inactive for nearly 14 years, is slated for demolition alongside the district’s transportation and concession facilities utilized by Cary-Grove Youth Baseball & Softball before June 1.

David Shepherd, Director of Finance and Operations for District 26, highlighted the pressing need for facility upgrades, noting the deteriorating condition of the current transportation center, housed in a trailer acquired secondhand in the early 1990s.

The envisioned Maplewood Transportation Center, to be situated on an adjacent parcel, will feature parking for 40 buses, fueling infrastructure, car parking, service and wash bays, and administrative offices.

A demolition bid of $374,500 was secured by the district in January, with Maplewood School slated for conversion into a vacant green space at 340 W. Krenz Ave.



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