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Mind Lab Pro – The Best Brain Supplement on The Market Today?

Do you find yourself curious about the power of nootropic supplements? It’s no surprise. The nootropic world is one of the quickest growing markets for those looking to bring a little edge to their day.

However, with that growth comes the nasty side-effect of too many products promising more than they can offer. For those who just want a product that works, getting lost and wasting your time in the sea of different nootropic supplements is easy. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mind Lab Pro is an all-natural nootropic supplement that has continued to stay ahead of the competition, backed by a revolutionary formula, and standing on a foundation of incredible results. It provides all of the benefits of a powerful nootropic, without the need to resort to heavy stimulants to achieve that goal.

Today we’ll be diving into everything there is to know about Mind Lab Pro, from its origins, its price, where you can buy it, what’s inside it, and much more. So, join us as we strive to answer the question: Is Mind Lab Pro the best nootropic supplement on the market today?

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What is Mind Lab Pro Specifically?

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement designed to help improve your cognitive function across the board. This includes improved: Focus, mood, memory, clarity, creativity, processing, motivation, and attention, just to name a few. The supplement works to provide powerful fuel for your brain, without the need for stimulants or other harmful chemicals.

The supplement itself is designed around an all-natural formula, created by a team of nutritional experts, as well as medical professionals. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, and supplies over six million people worldwide every month.

Since coming onto the market roughly a decade ago, Mind Lab Pro has seen many iterations of its formula and has steadily risen to its successful dominance in the nootropic market. Whilst it entered the market with stiff competition, it has stood the test of time due to its unparalleled quality and proven resume of results.

Whom is Mind Lab Pro Designed For?

The Mind Lab Pro supplement is designed for anybody over the age of eighteen that is looking to enhance their cognitive function. This struggle is something all humans, regardless of their lifestyle, work or age, face on a day-to-day basis.

However, it should be noted that this supplement excels at helping those that are looking to enhance their long-term focus and attention span. The supplement is most popular with adults in high-stress professional jobs for this very reason.

Mind Lab Pro can also help those over the age of sixty who are beginning to see a cognitive decline set in. Without the need for powerful, and often costly drugs, this supplement can help to bring back a touch of youthful energy to your day.

How Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

To understand how Mind Lab Pro works, we should startby painting a picture of nootropic supplements in general. As Mind Lab Pro doesn’t stray too far away from the core principles that define the nootropic market.

Nootropics are supplements, or drugs, designed to help improve the health of the mind. Specifically, they work to provide the fuel that helps the mind to perform at a higher level.

Likely, you’ve already used a pseudo-nootropic supplement in your life before. Chemicals such as caffeine are a prime example of a drug with a nootropic effect, helping to keep us energetic, alert, and focused.

Yet, due to the side effects linked that many chemicals (such as caffeine) come with, nootropic supplements and drugs were designed. Their primary goal is to provide the same benefits to cognitive functions, without the drawbacks that come with other methods.

The Specifics Behind How Mind Lab Pro Works

Mind Lab Pro uses a formula of all-natural ingredients, which work to provide nootropic effects, without any nasty side effects. We will delve deeper into the ingredients inside Mind Lab Pro soon, however, the core principle is this.

The creators behind Mind Lab Pro wished to provide a method of enhancing your cognitive functions, as well as a wide range of other cognitive functions, without resorting to stimulants or other chemicals.

The nutritionists who created Mind Lab Pro turned to natural compounds and ingredients that provide these benefits while avoiding those that cause side effects.

The result is the revolutionary Mind Lab Pro formula, which now stands as a foundational success in the nootropic industry.

The Core Benefits of Mind Lab Pro

Let’s take a moment to break down the core benefits you can expect from using the Mind Lab Pro supplement.

These core benefits include:

  • Improved Concentration and Attentiveness:

You can anticipate being able to concentrate better on whatever chores you have at hand for 6 to 8 hours, depending on how you take Mind Lab Pro. When you utilize Mind Lab Pro, everything from tedious busywork to creative work is effortlessly overcome.

  • Improved Creativity:

Anyone who participates in a job or education that involves a lot of creative, original thought would benefit greatly from taking Mind Lab Pro. Some of the components in Mind Lab Pro will help you feel more relaxed and help you think positively. Other elements can help you concentrate intensely while doing this. The incidence of original and innovative thoughts may rise as a result of this combination.

  • Increased Physical and Mental Energy:

Although Mind Lab Pro doesn’t include any stimulants like coffee, it nonetheless provides a clear, clean surge of energy. Because Mind Lab Pro contains anti-fatigue elements that may keep your energy levels high for at least six hours without the subsequent energy drop that is sometimes associated with caffeine use, it is superior to a cup of coffee.

Because Mind Lab Pro contains substances that promote blood flow to the brain to give it a natural energy boost, it can achieve this without the usage of harsh stimulants to get your brain going.

  • Improved Mood:

Mind Lab Pro is likely to put you in a good mood, leaving you joyful, focused, and ready to face your day without worry or fatigue—another advantage of enhanced blood flow to the brain.

  • Enhanced Memory:

Given that Mind Lab Pro may improve your memory recall, it can be the ideal choice for you if you’re a student. The usage of Mind Lab Pro may enhance anything from knowledge recall to short-term memory owing to a few essential elements that support the brain’s memory-related neural pathways. Your productivity may increase significantly if you can recollect knowledge quickly rather than needing to hunt up stuff you already know.

  • Higher Levels of Motivation:

Many consumers reported feeling more motivated to complete tasks after using Mind Lab Pro, which is probably a side effect of enhanced attention and energy.

  • Helps to Regenerate and Protect the Brain:

This supplement is helpful for your brain over the long term in addition to providing you with immediate advantages each day you use it. Some of the chemicals in Mind Lab Pro can protect your brain cells against free radicals, which are molecules that often cause age-related cognitive loss.

They do this by shielding your brain cells from these harmful molecules. The components of Mind Lab Pro also enhance how well your brain regenerates. Your brain regenerates itself continuously as part of its healthy function, and Mind Lab Pro aids it in doing this crucial task even more effectively.

The Pros and Cons of Mind Lab Pro

No product is without its drawbacks. Let’s cover the pros and cons of the Mind Lab Pro supplement, so you can make an educated decision about whether this product is right for you.


  • Provides powerful nootropic effects without side effects or stimulants.
  • Calorie free
  • Vegan
  • A trusted and well-known brand
  • Affordable, compared to many other nootropic brands on the market today
  • Provides a full resume of nootropic benefits, not just one or two like other products on the market
  • Dosage is quick and easy, requiring only one dosage time per day


  • Mind Lab Pro can only be sourced from their official website
  • Depending on your weight, you may need to take a higher dosage to see the results

Mind Lab Pro 4.0 – What’s Changed?

The creators behind Mind Lab Pro have just released their “Mind Lab Pro 4.0” formula update, an iteration of their successful 3.0 formula that they have been using for several years now.

Compared to previous formulas, this new formula doesn’t change too much. However, two new ingredients have been added (which we will explore down below), as well as more dosage for each ingredient inside the formula as well.

The 4.0 update’s main focus, however, is to provide a more balanced and full-scope approach to its nootropic effects. No longer will you have to worry about simply getting a focus increase or a calming effect.

Now, with Mind Lab Pro 4.0, you’ll be enjoying everything that nootropics have to offer.

Exploring The Formula Behind Mind Lab Pro

It’s important when looking at any supplement, especially one formed around all-natural ingredients, that we take the time to explore the specific ingredients inside more closely. As this will define just how effective the supplement truly is.

There are several active ingredients inside Mind Lab Pro, these include:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

This mushroom, also known as Yamabushitake, has been connected to an instant and noticeable improvement in cognitive performance. Lion’s Mane, the only fungus that is a brain health superfood, enhances your mental performance while you take it, but these advantages disappear after you stop using this nootropic medication.

By providing your brain with the crucial nutrients known as erinacines and hericenones that promote Nerve Growth factors, this Mind Lab Pro component works (NGF). NGF is crucial for brain regrowth and the defence of your brain’s neurons.

Lion’s Mane helps maintain healthy brain cell membranes while fostering improved cognitive abilities. It also supports the generation and preservation of new memories.


Clinical investigations have shown that this nootropic nucleotide compound enhances working memory, response quickness, and mental agility. It works by reviving your brain’s cells and enhancing neural signalling. The citicoline in Mind Lab Pro also aids in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, a crucial phospholipid present in the membranes of your brain cells. This increased phospholipid production aids in brain regeneration and repair.

This amino acid boosts your energy while improving your mental performance to help you have a quicker response time and better focus without experiencing the energy crash that comes with conventional stimulants. It also functions as an antioxidant to protect your brain from damaging free radicals.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

This phospholipid component, which also naturally exists in the brain and accounts for 15% of the fat in your brain’s cells, is derived from sunflower lecithin. But as you get older, it becomes less prevalent in your brain, which means your brain cells are less fluid, which might reduce your brain’s flexibility.

PS may support critical neurotransmitters like dopamine and acetylcholine and aid to enhance brain cell receptors. PS also enhances glucose metabolism, which increases your brain’s capacity to produce energy. Eliminating hazardous waste products from your brain also contributes to brain protection. More of it aids in preventing hazardous poisons from entering surrounding cells.

PS supplements from Mind Lab Pro may assist older adults to halt brain deterioration, improving memory, supporting a happy outlook, and reducing anxiety. PS is the only nootropic that has received FDA approval for lowering the risk of cognitive decline.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract

This plant contains bacosides, which function as antioxidants to boost the effectiveness of other brain antioxidants in defending the brain against free radicals. Bacosides also increase the brain chemicals serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine, all of which are crucial for having a sharp memory, the ability to concentrate, and a pleasant mood.

Bacopa may also aid with learning retention and slow down how quickly you forget new information, according to research. Additionally, it could improve your capacity for stress-free thought and relaxation.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime Pine flourishes in very saline and windy locations; therefore, this kind of tree is native to a setting that some people would consider unfriendly. They defend themselves by storing a powerful combination of antioxidants in their bark.

The blood-brain barrier may be crossed by the potent antioxidants in Maritime Pine bark, which can fight against free radicals that can destroy brain cells. Additionally, they tell your brain to produce nitric oxide, which causes the blood vessels in your brain to dilate more and deliver more oxygen and glucose. These two essential nutrients provide your brain energy and aid with attention and focus.

This Mind Lab Pro component could also aid in maintaining memory and mental clarity in elderly persons.


The neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, which are crucial for maintaining emotional stability, mental processing, and memory, are synthesized by this amino acid, which is naturally present in your brain. According to studies, L-tyrosine may repair the harm caused by stress by promoting the production of neurotransmitters that can degrade under conditions of extreme stress.

When you’re tired, sleep deprived, and under a lot of stress, this amino acid from Mind Lab Pro may help your brain function and multitasking skills. Additionally, it might improve your capacity to concentrate and pay attention.

L-Tyrosine has also been linked to a range of supports for mental health struggles. This includes, but is not limited to, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress.


Suntheanine, an amino acid that is included in Mind Lab Pro, can elevate alpha brainwave activity. A boost in creativity and wakeful relaxation are both associated with this kind of brainwave. L-theanine relaxes excitable neurons while supporting calming neurotransmitters.

Additionally, it may possess neuroprotective qualities that help stave against age-related cognitive decline.

Unlike stimulants, which may have unpleasant side effects like jitters, this amino acid keeps you calm and relaxed while also assisting you in maintaining keen attention and alertness.

Rosea Rhodiola

Similar to other substances in Mind Lab Pro, this flowering plant helps to activate and sustain neurotransmitters in your brain. Additionally, it aids in the blood-brain barrier crossing of these neurotransmitters for improved brain performance.

In addition to being a potent antioxidant, this substance also inhibits the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which aids in reducing stress and fostering clarity of thought.

B6, B9, and B12 Vitamins

Through regulating homocysteine levels, which may harm the brain if too much is present, B vitamins are essential for long-term brain health.

These three B vitamins in Mind Lab Pro assist in preventing age-related brain aging, poor blood flow, and cognitive loss. They also improve your mood, encourage mental acuity, and support general brain health as you age.

Understanding Effective Dosage Amounts – The Mind Lab Pro Formula

One element of all-natural supplements that is often overlooked is the subject of “effective dose”, which means the amount of an ingredient that is required to provide any real benefit to the body. Many supplements pad their formula with a range of ingredients to look good but provide them in dosage amounts that are far below the required effective dosage.

We’ve made sure to check each ingredient inside the Mind Lab Pro formula and can confirm that every ingredient inside Mind Lab Pro is provided at, or above, the effective dosage range.

This means you’ll get the benefits included with every single ingredient. So, you don’t have to worry about any padding ingredients here!

Our Experience with Mind Lab Pro

We wanted to test Mind Lab Pro over the course of three months and record our experience, to see if this supplement is really what it promises to be. Four of our team bought a supply and began to take the supplement every day, as recommended by the Mind Lab Pro team.

At first, we didn’t see any immediate results. For the first week, it felt like we were not getting any extra energy at all. Yet, then the second week came.

Many of us that struggle in front of a computer all day began to notice that we had an extra kick of creative and mental energy. Many of us stopped taking our second cup of coffee in the morning, to see how far these results would go.

By the third week, we had all noted our increased energy levels. One of us even stopped drinking coffee altogether and found that Mind Lab Pro was all they needed to get on with their day.

In conclusion, we found that the beginning stages of taking Mind Lab Pro were slow but quickly ramped up to provide incredible nootropic effects.

Mind Lab Pro – F.A.Q

There is no shortage of questions to be asked about Mind Lab Pro, and its powerful nootropic effects.

Let’s cover the most frequently asked questions down below:

Is Mind Lab Pro Safe?

When taking any supplement, perhaps one of the most important questions is about its safety. This is especially true for a supplement that offers stimulant-like benefits for the mind.

Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about with Mind Lab Pro. It is completely safe, with no side effects, even if taken at double the dosage (Which you shouldn’t do).

This is because the Mind Lab Pro supplement is designed around an all-natural formula. Every ingredient inside Mind Lab Pro has a long history of safety when it comes to human consumption.

You can see studies around Mind Lab Pro’s safety on the supplement’s official website if you’re looking to confirm this for yourself.

Who Should Take Mind Lab Pro ?

Mind Lab Pro is safe for any adult to take, as long as they are over the age of eighteen, not pregnant, or breastfeeding. These minor outlying groups are not because of the supplement’s qualities, but simply a medically required rule that all supplements follow.

The supplement is best suited for anybody looking to give themselves an extra kick throughout their day and unlock a fountain of extra energy for themselves.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Mind Lab Pro?

Taking Mind Lab Pro is simple. However, it will require some daily discipline to make sure you get the most out of the supplement.

For optimal results, you can take between two to four capsules per day. This depends on how much extra energy you’re looking to unlock. If you’re simply looking for a small kick, we recommend you stick to just two capsules per day.

Always take the supplement in the morning, and with water and a meal. The most important part is taking it with a meal, as this will significantly help with digesting the natural ingredients inside Mind Lab Pro.

If you don’t eat breakfast, then simply take the capsules with your first meal of the day.

Can Mind Lab Pro Be Taken if I’m Using Other Medications?

For the vast majority of users, this won’t be a problem. However, there are a lot of medications out there, and it would be unwise for us to recommend anybody can take Mind Lab Pro without any negative effects.

If you’re concerned about taking Mind Lab Pro with other medications, simply reach out to your doctor and ask before you order.

How Long Until I See Nootropic Effects?

This question is difficult to provide a clear answer to, as the supplement relies on your digestion to deliver its benefits. This is one of the drawbacks of the natural formula approach. This problem is then compounded by the subjective nature of how people experience an extra kick of energy being delivered to their system.

However, the creators of Mind Lab Pro have given us a framework that can predict when you’ll start to see results.

For the vast majority of users, you’ll begin to see a change in your energy levels after two weeks of taking Mind Lab Pro daily.

Where Can I Buy Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is only available from their official website. The creators behind Mind Lab Pro ship all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about getting access to the supplement.

There are several different packages to choose from, all coming with their level of savings. Let’s cover them in more detail:

  • One bottle of Mind Lab Pro for $59
  • Two bottles of Mind Lab Pro for $118
  • Four bottles of Mind Lab Pro for $177

Depending on your dosage, each bottle of Mind Lab Pro is designed to last you one month. If you’re taking four capsules per day, then each bottle will last twenty days.

Does Mind Lab Pro Come with a Return Policy?

It does!

All orders of Mind Lab Pro can be returned, no questions asked, for a full refund for up to sixty days after purchase. Simply contact their support, through their official website, and they’ll quickly process your refund request.

Can I Take More Dosage to Get More Energy?

Whilst it is safe to take more of the Mind Lab Pro supplement, we highly recommend that you don’t do this. As there is a diminishing effect that will take place after taking up to double the effective dose.

This is because of their all-natural ingredient approach. Natural ingredients slowly digest into your system, and because of this, have a limit to what they can offer the body.

Mind Lab Pro’s formula is designed to provide the average human body with enough to see nootropic effects. A little more will see a bump in your energy levels, but just like an extra cup of coffee every day, you’ll quickly see it isn’t providing as much as before.

What Are People Saying About Mind Lab Pro?

There are a lot of discussions online about Mind Lab Pro, and we wanted to delve deeper to see what people were saying. Whilst it’s easy for the Mind Lab Pro marketing team to provide us with information, at the end of the day, it’s the customer’s opinion that truly matters.

Across all platforms that the supplement is sold, Mind Lab Pro has above a four-star rating. This is with thousands of reviews left.

The positive reviews point out its incredible effects and how it has changed their life, providing them with a safe and consistent source of daily energy. Coupled with this, many people remark on its affordability and safety positively.

The negative reviews are often around shipping times, or how it takes a few weeks for Mind Lab Pro to begin showing results.

For a product of this size, with thousands of reviews, to have such a high number of positive ones is a sign to us that the Mind Lab Pro team is doing something right.

Can I Develop a Tolerance for Mind Lab Pro?

A common question people ask about all nootropic supplements is the effect of developing a tolerance, much like how we develop a tolerance for caffeine after drinking too many cups of coffee each day.

Thankfully, this won’t happen with Mind Lab Pro. The formula inside this supplement is designed to be way under the level that would see you developing a tolerance for the supplement.

If, however, you take too much, then you won’t gain a tolerance, but your body will flush the extra ingredients out of your system.

In Conclusion

Finding a nootropic supplement, or just that extra little bit of energy in a day can be a struggle. It doesn’t make it easier that the nootropic supplement industry is plagued with many black-sheep products that don’t provide any tangible results whatsoever.

Thankfully, Mind Lab Pro is the real deal. With thousands of positive reviews online and a decade of success behind them, the team at Mind Lab Pro have cracked the nootropic code and provides valuable products to millions all over the world.

If you’re looking for that extra boost to get you going and start your day right, then you’ll find no better solution than Mind Lab Pro.

Get out there is start living your best and most energetic life with Mind Lab Pro today!

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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