The Suicide Squad Releases on Amazon Prime Video in India on December 24

On December 24, The Suicide Squad will be available on Amazon Prime Video in India. On Wednesday, the service revealed the online debut date for the smash film, which will bring the critically acclaimed Suicide Squad soft reboot to users’ screens throughout the country in time for the holidays.

The film will be released in four languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, stars Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, John Cena, and Joel Kinnaman as a ragtag group of anti-heroes who team up with supervillains to cause mayhem.

Starting on December 24, the Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe (DCEU) film, which was released in Indian theaters on August 5 with an A rating, will be accessible to stream on Amazon Prime. Task Force X, a government-created organization of supervillains, is assigned dangerous assignments that no one else can handle in The Suicide Squad (review). Task Force X is tasked with destroying Jotunheim, a Nazi-era laboratory situated on Corto Maltese, a fictitious island ruled by a despot and the extraterrestrial Starro.

The Suicide Squad trailer has also been released in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil by Amazon. Harley Quinn is played by Margot Robbie, Bloodsport is played by Idris Elba, Peacemaker is played by John Cena, King Shark is played by Sylvester Stallone, Rick Flag is played by Joel Kinnaman, and Amanda Waller is played by Viola Davis. Daniela Melchior plays Ratcatcher 2, Jai Courtney plays Captain Boomerang, and Pete Davidson plays Blackguard in the film.

The Suicide Squad is a mild remake of the 2016 Suicide Squad, which was panned by reviewers and audiences alike, and director David Ayer even repudiated it. On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the 2016 film had a 26 percent (critic) and 59 percent (audience) rating, a 5.9/10 rating on IMDb, and a Metascore of 40. The Suicide Squad reboot, on the other hand, has a 90 percent (critic) and 82 percent (audience) Rotten Tomatoes rating, a 7.3/10 rating on IMDb, and a Metascore score of 72.

In India, Amazon Prime Video is offered as part of Amazon’s Prime membership, which costs Rs. 1,499 for a year or Rs. 179 each month. A quarterly subscription with Amazon costs Rs. 459. The Amazon Prime membership fee was recently increased by more than 50%, from Rs. 999 for an annual subscription to Rs. 129 for a monthly membership.

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