Workman killed in St. Louis County gravel pit accident

Coworkers of a 40-year-old guy discovered him dead in a gravel quarry in northern Minnesota.

According to a press statement from the St. Louis County sheriff’s office, Brad Lewis Wojtysiak of Culver Township was discovered dead on Wednesday after conducting maintenance on a conveyor at the Northland Construction gravel mine close to Minnesota 33 and Sunset Lake Drive.

Wojtysiak was alone himself when the event occurred, even though other employees were around, and it looks to have been an industrial accident.

The sheriff’s office and Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration are also looking into the tragedy.

Wade Rasch, a deputy for St. Louis County, said that although certain parts of the conveyor were operating during the event, the conveyor itself was not.

Before a piece of equipment is repaired, electricity is usually turned off, he said. “How precisely that situation was unfolding is what is being looked into then,” the speaker said.

The heavy rescue crew from the Cloquet Area Fire Department arrived and helped law enforcement.

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