Woman Robbed At Gunpoint While Sitting In Car In Maplewood

A lady from Maplewood said that on Sunday night, when she was sitting in her vehicle, a guy brandished a pistol at her and snatched her mobile phone.

Police said that they were called to the vicinity of 88 Tiffany Place on Sunday night at at 9:15 p.m.

The 23-year-old lady told police that she was sitting in her vehicle on Tiffany Place looking east when a black SUV approached her from behind.

She remarked as the car parked next to her. Then, she said, a passenger in the back seat got out, walked up to her window, and pointed a gun at her.

She informed authorities that someone threatened to shoot her unless she turned up her possessions.

The lady gave up her mobile phone after claiming to just have it. According to police, after taking the phone, the suspect “then demanded the victim reveal the password for the phone or she will be shot.”

The lady performed this, and the suspect attested that the code was successful.

Reentering the car, it turned left onto Franklin Terrace and disappeared from view.

According to the victim, there were at least three more passengers in the vehicle.

The Irvington police reported an attempted carjacking in their area with a vehicle that matched a similar description, according to Maplewood police.

Police tried to trace the phone by contacting T-Mobile, but they were unable.

Call our Detective Bureau at 973-762-1234 if you have any information or have any footage of the suspects.

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