UM drops U-Pass, adds unlimited regional rides with Universal Transit Pass

Together with the University of Minnesota, Metro Transit has announced a regional transit pass that gives all 39,000 U of M students in the Twin Cities unlimited trips.

There won’t be any more opportunities for students to choose a $114 regional transportation pass each semester. The price has decreased to $45, which is now included in their required tuition.

The university’s transportation and safety fee, which is charged to all registered students on campus for the fall semester, entitles them to an automatic universal transit card that grants them unrestricted access to all Metro Transit lines, including those run by suburban transit companies. Additionally, the ticket offers a discounted cost on the Northstar commuter train.

The on-campus transit and safety programs were formerly financed by the transportation and safety charge, which has been raised to $71 from $26 each semester in 2021–2022.

The long-running U-Permit program, which was started in 2000 and provided an opt-in unlimited riding pass for $114 every semester, has been canceled by the U. Students, professors, and staff may ride the Green Line for free between three stations by using a special campus zone card. In addition, it was stopped.

The Green Line light rail corridor in Minneapolis, as well as local and express bus lines, all provide service to the University of Minnesota. The St. Paul campus is also served by buses. The employer-based Metropass is still available at a discounted price for staff and teachers. On a monthly basis, the Metropass provides unlimited trips.

The University of Minnesota is the biggest institution to provide all students unlimited transportation passes that are valid across the area.

Augsburg University, Macalester College, Anoka Ramsey Community College, Anoka Technical College, and Normandale Community College all have Universal Pass systems in place. Officials from Metro Transit said that when Universal Passes were implemented at such schools, ridership at Augsburg and Macalester roughly quadrupled.

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