Two-legged Tortoise Fitted With Toy Wheels After Rat Attack

A set of toy wheels has helped a tortoise regain movement after it lost its front legs when a rodent bit them off.

Eddie, a 23-year-old Hermann’s tortoise, was bitten as he slept in a Warrington, Cheshire, yard.

Dr. Sergio Silvetti of Rutland House Veterinary Hospital in St. Helens has installed Meccano wheels despite the fact that the front legs could not be spared.

Eddie’s owner claims that the reptile is now significantly quicker on wheels.

The tortoise, along with the family’s 16-year-old Horsefield tortoise, French Bulldog, and Yorkshire Terrier, was taken in by the McNicholas family last year when its former owner could no longer care for it.

The tortoise managed to escape the home and make it into the garden overnight, and Ben McNicholas detailed the terror when his wife Emma discovered Eddie.

It was just dreadful, Mr. McNicholas said BBC Radio Merseyside.

We simply assumed the worst; fortunately, we located Rutland House, where they were able to see us right soon.

His two kids, ages 8 and 11, were worried that Eddie, who enjoys chasing their dogs inside, wouldn’t come home from the vet.

To their great relief, Eddie’s front legs were amputated successfully, and Dr. Silvetti later equipped Eddie with wheels.

He claimed that Dr. Silvetti has previously treated tortoises with injuries identical to theirs.

He explained that tortoises just lock themselves up when they get too chilly or fall asleep.

“The front legs of a tortoise are the only soft parts that are present. From there, rats start nibbling.”

He added: “He entirely recovered from the anaesthetic after another 15 to 20 minutes and he was able to walk and wheel around an hour from then,” describing Eddie’s recovery as one of the fastest he had ever witnessed.

Eddie was doing well after the event, according to Mr. McNicholas, and his kids were “over the moon.”

“We are truly greatful. Amazing what they can do.”

On wheels, Eddie was moving “much quicker,” he said.

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