Tributes Paid to Lexi McDavid, 12-Year-Old Girl Fatally Hit by Van

A “beautiful but painful” vigil for a 12-year-old girl who was killed after she was struck by a van as she exited a bus was attended by hundreds of people.

On June 7 in Liverpool, a white Mercedes struck Lexi McDavid, a resident of Huyton.

Lois McDavid, who referred to her twin sister as “little Jammy Dodger,” said she would “always mourn” her.

The vigil at Huyton Village was organized by Anthony Goudie, who described the attendance as “an fantastic turnout to honour her life.”

In honor of Lexi, some individuals painted their faces with rainbows and wore bracelets with her name on them.

Before her aunt Kim Murphy and Lois paid homage to Lexi, there was a minute of standing ovation.

Her friends took the stage at the vigil’s conclusion to perform Black Magic by Little Mix, one of her favorite songs.

It “gave him chills,” according to Mr. Goudie.

He went on to say that it was “wrenching” but “a lovely celebration of her life.”

He said that the family of Lexi will get all proceeds from the vigil.

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