Thousands of Liverpool Fans Travel to Paris for Champions League Final

Hundreds of thousands of Liverpool fans have traveled to Paris to see the Champions League final.

The match is anticipated to draw some 60,000 Reds fans to the French city, as the team aims to win European football’s highest award for the seventh time.

Due to travel disruptions and long lines at Dover, many spectators had difficulty arriving to the game.

For the Stade de France’s 75,000-seat capacity, Liverpool was officially granted roughly 20,000 tickets.

About 50 admirers who took up YouTuber Simon Wilson’s offer of a £1 coach ticket were among those who arrived in Paris earlier.

Mr Wilson, a Wrexham resident, said he started the effort because he believed transport costs were “quite outrageous.”

He stated that he “never expected” the trip would take as long as it did after leaving on Thursday and arriving barely a few hours before the match.

He added the initial bus had to be replaced, and the boat at Dover had to be moved back, which caused “some worrisome looks… but despite all the obstacles we’ve had, I always had trust.”

He stated, “I’ve never gotten such little sleep in my life… but it was worth it.”

“Now that we’re here, we can take in the atmosphere before the game.”

More than 80 fans who were scheduled to fly to Paris from Liverpool John Lennon Airport on Friday had their flights cancelled by travel company World Choice Sports (WCS).

According to a WCS spokeswoman, there was “an difficulty with two flights that the airline cancelled at the last minute,” and staff worked “all day and most of the evening” to secure tickets for customers on other carriers.

He went on to say that other customers who didn’t have tickets for the final elected to get a refund instead.

Carmel Edwards, who was scheduled to fly out with her husband, claimed a WCS employee came them and “advised us that there would absolutely be no flight for us and there was nothing they could do.”

“They didn’t attempt to help us in any way, and to be honest, the response from supporters was astounding in terms of how controlled they stayed given the circumstances,” she continued.

Another lady, who did not want to be identified, said that her boyfriend and his father had sold their match tickets to other fans after being told they would not be able to attend.

Passengers were “divided into two groups” and informed “which group was going and which group wasn’t,” she alleged.

“They didn’t even inquire as to who had genuine game tickets and who didn’t,” she added.

Thousands of people have arrived in Paris without tickets, with some claiming to be interested in soaking up the “carnival atmosphere.”

Ian Finlay, who had intended to buy a ticket in Paris, was “unbelievably delighted” when his family and friends surprised him with a ticket for the match on the ferry to Calais.

“I can’t believe it,” he remarked, “I’ve never made it to a European final before.”

Birkenhead resident James Richards claimed he didn’t mind not having a ticket since he was “not here for the stadium.”

“It’ll be boss,” he remarked, adding, “it’s simply to be around other Reds.”

In Paris, a free fan zone has been set up, with a site devoted to 44,000 Liverpool fans in Cours de Vincennes, more over six miles (10 kilometers) from the stadium.

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