Teen Involved in Deadly Oakland Park Crash Staying Behind Bars

One of the more than 20 unconnected counts that the 14-year-old passenger in the stolen automobile that was involved in a fatal collision in Oakland Park has pled not guilty to.

He is also accused of trespassing and leaving the scene of the accident that killed 35-year-old mother-of-three Maria Tellez on August 28. She was buried on Monday.

In an attempt to elude the police, a 15-year-old is suspected of ramming a stolen automobile into a number of other cars, killing Tellez and wounding six other people.

On security footage, he may be seen sprinting away from the scene with his juvenile passenger. They were ultimately detained.

Wednesday afternoon, the 14-year-old passenger was found guilty without entering a plea to a separate crime, and Broward Juvenile Court Judge Stacy Ross ordered that he stay in juvenile custody until the other trials are finished.

The 14-year-old must return to court on October 10.

The sister of the victim is trying to be patient.

Emily Feria said, “Justice has not yet arrived. “This is just the start.”

Feria said, “I realize he was merely a passenger, but he understood what he was doing from the start. He was also a murderer in my eyes since he knew when they stole the vehicle, began the joyride, and were being pursued by the police.

The 15-year-old is also scheduled to appear in court on October 10 to answer to accusations of grand theft auto, aggravated flight and evading with significant bodily harm or death, and nonviolently resisting an officer.

Feria said, “I want him to be prosecuted as an adult. “They killed my sister,” I said.

Due of their age, the identities of the two teenagers have been suppressed.

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