Sunrise Woman Accused in Shooting, Caught with Counterfeit Cash

In Sunrise, a simmering family argument became violent, and a 23-year-old woman is now being charged with both the gunshot and possession of counterfeit money, according to police.

According to the police complaint, Jenny Jasmine Joseph was detained on Monday after shooting a single shot from the second-floor walkway of the Shamrock Apartments that cracked a Toyota’s rear driver’s side glass as it was driving away.

On Sunday, the driver and his niece had a fight. His one-year-old nephew escaped the apartment via the front door during the argument, and Joseph grabbed him. Police said that Joseph is the niece’s buddy.

Before departing, the driver removed the youngster from Joseph and returned him to the niece. Joseph shouted at him to go as he climbed into the Toyota. He said, “I’ll do what I want,” according to the account.

The shot was fired after the man stated, “I love my nephew,” in response to Joseph’s challenge to “speak another word,” according to the investigation.

Despite avoiding being struck, the motorist contacted 911 once he realized his life was in danger. He took a car to the Sunrise Police station and reported something. He had only known Joseph for a little over a year when he recognized her from a picture, according to the authorities.

Joseph reportedly confirmed to authorities that she had fired the pistol but said she had felt intimidated. Additionally, when the detectives searched her bag, they allegedly discovered 12 fake $100 dollars.

According to documents, Joseph is accused of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, public firearm discharge, shooting into a moving object, and possession of counterfeit currency.

On Tuesday, she was freed after posting bail totalling $12,500 in Broward County.

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