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Students Given Award After Alerting School Officials of Loaded Gun

Two students went above and beyond to alert school officials of a loaded gun in school and were celebrated today. They will receive a range of commendations from the Miami Police Department.

Details of the Award

Roughly 900 youngsters from all throughout Miami-Dade County are considered for the prize each month, but only approximately 10 take home the honor.

Two kids from the Virginia B. Thomas K-8 Center, Anthony Gonzalez, and Freddy Salazar were recognized for recognizing something and speaking their mind about it.

The two pupils from the primary school described themselves as feeling like superheroes.

“I feel terrific,” remarked Salazar.

Together with Gonzalez, he was recognized for drawing attention to a concerning issue that was occurring in the classroom.

Gonzales said, “I don’t want to bring other individuals in the same situation as myself at risk.” Because I didn’t want anybody else to be put in harm’s way, I informed the instructor.

What Happened That Day – Loaded Gun in School

When they got to school on October 10, one of their classmates had brought a loaded rifle with them. Both Salazar and Gonzalez informed the instructor straight away.

Salazar said, “One of them informed me, and then I got up to him, and then he showed me.” “Then he pretended to be ill in order to get out of school; this way he wouldn’t be discovered, and that’s when Anthony and I had the opportunity to notify the replacement,” the narrator said. “Then he was suspended from school.”

According to Gonzalez, it was a tense and frightening time.

He shared his experience, saying, “I was quite afraid, and I was concerned whether he was going to do anything.” “One girl was going to weep, girls and boys were afraid,” the narrator said. “One girl was going to cry.”

The children claim that their instructor took care of it and brought the bag containing the pistol to the main office, where the staff then contacted the authorities.

Ariadna Espinosa, who is the executive director of the Do the Right Thing program, believes that it is essential to acknowledge students who go above and beyond the requirements of their coursework.

She said that “especially in the present conditions that we live in, with the educational system, especially the current circumstances that we live in.”

“Where they’re taking, they’re stepping up, they’re reporting what they’re seeing, and in accordance with the see something, say something program, they’re reporting harmful activities on campus,” she continued.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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