State Board of Education Calls for Broward Superintendent’s Removal

The superintendent is now the target of the state’s wrath.

Tom Grady, the head of the Florida Board of Education, expressed last week his dissatisfaction with Dr. Vickie Cartwright’s reaction to the most recent grand jury report.

Grady also used the mask requirement problem as justification for calling for Cartwright’s dismissal from the Broward School Board, which currently consists mostly of five members who were chosen by Governor Ron DeSantis.

The school board approved a mandatory mask requirement in July 2021 as the epidemic spread, with board member Lori Alhadeff casting the lone no vote.

Grady claims that since Cartwright supported the board’s request, his judgment at the time is now cause for dismissal.

Sarah Leonardi, a member of the school board, stated, “That’s why I was a little bit startled, that’s been resolved for quite some time, and so I’m not sure why he’s bringing it up now.”

The state does not “hire and dismiss the superintendent,” according to Alhadeff.

“Not right now, without a doubt. Dr. Cartwright is doing well, according to Alhadeff. “She is correcting the difficulties that the former superintendent left behind,”

Alhadeff agreed with the governor’s decision to fire four of her former coworkers and replace them with four males. However, she said she cannot see why Cartwright would not be targeted at the state level. She referred to it as a diversion from the task of instructing pupils.

Absolute distraction, and Alhadeff was honest in saying that it was detracting from the good work being done to improve student results.

Leonardi concurs.

According to her, “This state has a tendency of meddling in local affairs, which is very contradictory to the constitution of our state and the notion of local sovereignty and local government, and I’d really want to see that stop soon.”

Only the newly elected head of the school board, Torey Alston, who was chosen by the governor, replied to my requests for comment today. Student accomplishment continues to be our top concern, according to a statement Alston issued us. I’ve been extremely explicit and consistent about the governance and fiduciary duties we have to the students, families, and staff of Broward County Schools. As they oversee the daily operations of the district, the superintendent, general counsel, and chief auditor must be held responsible.

You’ll see that Alston’s statement makes no claims about whether or not he supports Cartwright.

In a statement, the school system said that Cartwright and the school board had complied with the law in 2021 and that Cartwright had acted quickly to implement the grand jury’s findings. She was not a student in the district at the time of the alleged events in that report.

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