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St. Paul police ID handyman, resident killed in sober-house stabbings


Jason Murphy valued performing good deeds for others, and he was slain last week in St. Paul while working as a handyman.

Murphy, 40, and Jon R. Wentz, 56, were the two men fatally stabbed at a Payne-Phalen property on Thursday, according to police reports.

The largest query from Murphy’s parents regarding what transpired, they claimed on Monday, is why the suspect was let to reside in a sober-living facility.

Marsha Murphy characterized the situation as “extremely pointless, horrible, and tragic.”

Joseph Francis Sandoval II, 32, was charged with two counts of second-degree murder on Friday by the Ramsey County Attorney’s office. He had only recently relocated to the house on the 1100 block of Lawson Avenue. He was civilly committed last year due to his mental illness and drug dependency. He was facing many accusations, including one for assault in the first degree.

According to the criminal complaint against Sandoval, Wentz was a resident and Murphy was working in the house. They both lived in St. Paul, according to the police.

The television in the house kept repeating “take your opportunity,” so Sandoval told police that he sat down there and “took my opportunity.” The TV claimed they were going to murder me, Sandoval responded when a detective questioned him about his statement.

On Monday, Sandoval appeared in court for the first time in this matter, and the judge subsequently ordered an assessment of his capacity to continue the legal proceedings.

According to Bob and Marsha Murphy, who are the father of a 15-year-old, Murphy was a kind and quiet man.

Because of his difficult personal experiences, helping others mattered a lot to him, according to Marsha Murphy.

According to his mother, Jason Murphy particularly loved woodworking and created “wonderful furniture” that was inlaid with various sorts of wood. He had previously worked for his parents’ bathtub repair and refurbishing business.

He performed the actual job, and Marsha Murphy remarked, “He was very, very good at it. He was extremely meticulous about how he did things.” He valued quality workmanship, which led him to begin crafting items out of wood.



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