St. Paul Man Sentenced for Fatal Shooting at Battle Creek Gas Station

A 25-year-old man was given a 1212-year jail term on Tuesday for the fatal shooting of a man in September who was protecting his girlfriend at a petrol station in St. Paul.

In the assassination of Jarrid Neadeau-Lyons, 22, of St. Paul, Warsame Ahmed Abdihoosh of St. Paul was found guilty in Ramsey County District Court of second-degree murder-without intent while committing a felony.

Abdihoosh was at a BP gas station near White Bear and Suburban Avenues on September 23 at 12:30, according to the criminal complaint. He was having trouble utilizing a phone app to pay for petrol.

He entered the store to voice his displeasure to the cashier. According to the complaint, Abdihoosh was acknowledged by staff as someone who frequently caused issues at the station, and the shop manager informed police of this.

According to the police, Abdihoosh grew irate and threatened to spit on the cashier. The cashier was supported by a woman at the store who knows her, which infuriated Abdihoosh even more.

Abdihoosh appeared to be about to spit on the woman as he produced the sound of saliva collecting in his mouth. While the woman went to notify her boyfriend Neadeau-Lyons about the confrontation, the store manager intervened and helped Abdihoosh leave.

The lawsuit claims that when Neadeau-Lyons and his girlfriend returned, they accosted Abdihoosh while he was sitting in his car and punched him in the face.

The lawsuit claims that in response, Abdihoosh took a stolen 9 mm pistol from the front passenger seat and shot Neadeau-Lyons twice. Abdihoosh stepped out of the car and fired a third shot at Neadeau-Lyons as he moved back toward the back of the car.

When the police came, they saw Minnesota State Patrol agents working to save Neadeau-Lyons’ life. He was transferred to Regions Hospital, where doctors there declared him dead from a heart bullet wound.

Neadeau-Lyons had punched Abdihoosh in the face, and he claimed to be protecting himself, according to the police. He claimed to have left the area and traveled to Minneapolis to visit his girlfriend.

The arrest of Abdihoosh one day after the shooting was made possible, according to police, because multiple witnesses came forward with information. Authorities claim that Abdihoosh was brought into custody without incident as a result of cooperation between his family and the cops, with whom they had developed a rapport via prior community engagement activities.

Abdihoosh was “extremely unhappy,” the lawsuit claims, and inquired as to Neadeau-Lyons’ status.

According to Minnesota court records, Abdihoosh has previously only been found guilty of traffic infractions and marijuana possession while operating a car.

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