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St. Paul Man Charged with Highland Park Shooting

A 42-year-old St. Paul man has been accused this week with shooting three individuals at a house in the Highland Park section of St. Paul on the afternoon of June 17. An arrest warrant has been issued for him.

Glenn Everett Graddy is charged with three charges of attempted second-degree murder as well as two counts of first-degree burglary and unlawful possession of a handgun.

Graddy is not permitted to own weapons or ammo after being found guilty of a drive-by shooting in Ramsey County in 2002.

Additionally, Graddy has two federal convictions related to an armed robbery at the Pot O’ Gold Bingo Hall in Arden Hills in May 2011. For their participation in the heist, Graddy and three other people were found guilty and sentenced to federal prison.

According to a criminal complaint presented on Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court, Graddy entered a residence in the 1000 block of Otto Avenue by breaking in through the front door at roughly 4 o’clock and started shooting. A 45-year-old guy received a neck shot in the back. A 30-year-old lady was struck in the elbow and buttocks, while a 35-year-old woman was wounded in the leg.

Two gunshot fragments and expended ammunition casings were discovered in the living room by responding officers.

Police were informed by one of the ladies that she had been seated in the living room when a silver Chevrolet Impala arrived at the residence. She claimed that the gunman pounded on the door before letting out roughly seven rounds.

When the homeowner was in his bedroom, he heard someone kick in the front door, gunshots, and a lady screaming, the homeowner told the police.

Observation footage from a nearby property shows a silver Chevrolet Impala approaching the house. The allegations state that the driver, subsequently identified by police as Graddy, exited the vehicle brandishing a firearm. Gunshots could be heard as he and another guy entered the house. In the Impala, they took off.

The house is referred to as a “trouble property,” and according to the charges, an officer felt the Impala in the video resembled the one in a photo that a neighbor had provided to police on May 25. A check of the car’s registration plate revealed that Graddy is the owner.

Authorities claimed that Graddy seemed to be the man who emerged from the vehicle with a pistol.

The individual who was with Graddy at the time of the shooting was recognized by police, and he was taken into custody on a warrant out of Dakota County. The individual, JP, who was given the name JP in the complaint, informed St. Paul police detectives that “Mitch,” a person he knew, had driven him to the city center so JP could obtain his birth certificate. He introduced himself as “Mitch” and then said he had to go by the Otto Avenue residence.

JP claimed that after arriving, they proceeded to the door where “Mitch” had just burst in and started firing. When “Mitch” requested JP to get back into the car after coming out of the home, JP claimed he was on the sidewalk and terrified. According to JP, when he questioned “Mitch” what he done, the man stated, “I did what I was requested,” according to the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, JP recognized Graddy as “Mitch” in a photo lineup.

Graddy received a federal prison term of 84 months in August 2012 for the bingo hall heist. He previously entered a guilty plea to conspiring to disrupt trade through robbery and aiding and abetting the possession of a handgun in furtherance of a violent crime.

Graddy moved into a halfway home in Minneapolis after being released from jail on June 23, 2017.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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