Southport v Blackpool Fight Causes Game to Stop, Talk of Bans for Fighting Fans

Police said that spectators who got into a brawl during a football game between Southport and Blackpool may be prohibited from future games.

In response to the Saturday disturbance at Southport’s Pure Stadium, the referee called time on the preseason friendly so that players could leave.

When authorities arrived, according to Merseyside Police, there was no more disruption, and supporters “departed in an orderly way.”

There had been no reports of any injuries, according to the police.

“Our message to the small number of supporters bent on carrying out disturbance at any match is that such behavior is inappropriate and simply will not be accepted,” said Ch Insp Matthew Moscrop.

He said that they were thinking about issuing ban orders for people implicated and that they were collaborating with Southport FC to identify offenders.

Anyone with knowledge was advised to contact the police by police.

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