Southport Pleasureland sorry after 19 people rescued from ride

After a child suffered injuries and 18 other passengers had to be pulled from a stalled rollercoaster, the park’s owners issued an apology.

Around 11:50 BST on Saturday, the Rocket Coaster ride at Southport Pleasureland came to a halt owing to a malfunction. A female passed unconscious.

A total of 19 persons were extricated from the carriages by fire services.

A comprehensive investigation was underway, the theme park stated, adding that it was “sorry for the suffering caused.”

Paramedics from the ambulance examined the little child before transporting her to the hospital.

According to Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS), employees at the Southport amusement park in Marine Drive used a cherry picker to bring down the other patrons securely after they had been examined by paramedics.

Before the ride began, the theme park said that all standard maintenance inspections had been completed.

A representative for Southport Pleasureland stated, “The ride performed precisely what its safety settings are supposed to do and stopped on detecting a defect.”

The park’s operations director quickly climbed the gantry to meet with passengers and assure them that they would be taken off the ride securely, he added. “Nobody was in any danger of falling from the ride, the carriages were secure on the track.

The park was “sorry for the discomfort caused to passengers,” the official said.

According to the MFRS, the Health and Safety Executive was notified, and the ride was to be separated until a thorough examination was conducted.

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