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South Florida Deals With Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

In South Florida, the outer bands of Hurricane Ian unleashed tornadoes, heavy rain, and high winds as it moved toward the Gulf Coast of Florida on Tuesday night. As a result, people are currently coping with devastation and flooding.

At North Perry Airport on Tuesday night, a tornado overturned 30 microplanes and hangars.

Officials shut down the airport to further analyze the damage after no casualties were reported.

State Representative Marie Woodsen assessed the damage on Wednesday and said, “With the plane turning upside down, that’s telling us that we need to anchor them anytime anything is approaching because we don’t want a repeat of this.”

No significant injuries were reported, but at least two individuals were sent to the hospital Tuesday night after a tornado ripped through Delray Beach, according to officials.

According to fire authorities, more than 30 residents of the Kings Point apartment complex were evacuated after the storm destroyed the building’s roof.

Large tree limbs and trunks were strewn around, automobiles were on their sides, and the structure had been destroyed in several places.

According to Palm Beach Fire Rescue, one individual who was trapped in a restroom after the roof fell dialed 911. Firefighters had access to her and were able to save her.

Those who have been displaced are being assisted by the Red Cross.

Matthew Perry claimed to have heard the tornado approaching while working at the Minuteman Press just down the road between Jog Road and West Atlantic Avenue. It made a leaking mess inside the company and knocked down the rooftop air conditioner.

“Stuff was scattered all around. In the back, a power line was down, according to Perry. “… Tarps were draping over the structure, and there were trees everywhere. It was a disaster.

He remarked, “It was almost like an earthquake.” “My air conditioning stopped working. I believe it was rumbling down the building’s side. The tiles were tumbling down and everything was trembling. The electricity was intermittent for around 30 seconds. After the lights went off, everything became pitch black.”

Around 6 o’clock on Tuesday, neighbors in the Fontainebleau neighborhood of southwest Miami-Dade reported witnessing a tornado tear across the region.

Although no one was wounded, locals said the storm destroyed numerous carports and blew a transformer.

A resident stated, “I noticed a large stream of wind elevating and then everything started flying towards the windows. I was sitting here, watching out the window.” “And then we heard the huge transformer explosion.”

Another resident claimed, “I was sitting in my chair and it sounded like a freight train was passing through my living room, then there was a couple of explosions and the lights went off.”

Additionally, there were broken glass windows and several automobiles that were damaged by falling objects or strong winds. In order to remove some of the larger trees that had fallen, cleanup teams moved through the region.

Residents of Holiday Acres Mobile Home Park in Hialeah awoke on Wednesday to flooded streets.

Esmeralda Rodriguez, a local, said that the water had already subsided and that things appeared better than they had the previous evening. She has resided in this mobile home since 1996 and claims that after a storm, high water levels are common in her area.

“I’m accustomed to it. Water flows in and out, “She spoke. But the most important thing is that we are still alive, praise God.

Mobile home park roadways are considered private roads and are not governed by the city, according to Hialeah Mayor Steve Bovo, complicating matters for locals.

He stated, “The water backs up here and regrettably for many of them, they’re going to deal with this water and all the negative things that come with it over the next couple of days.”

According to Bovo, the city’s other typically flood-prone regions are clean, while some locations only sustained minimal wind damage.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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