Securian Financial donates $1 million to new inpatient mental health unit at St. Paul’s Children’s Hospital

Securian Financial gave $1 million to Children’s Minnesota hospitals in a charitable act that deviates from its usual giving policies in order to help the organization’s brand-new 22-bed inpatient mental health unit in St. Paul.

The donation from the well-known insurance and financial planning company with headquarters in St. Paul is the hospital’s 345 Smith Avenue expanded mental health program’s first significant corporate support. The new facility, which will treat children under the age of 12 for the first time in the east metro and is a first for the health system, is anticipated to provide care for more than 1,000 patients a year. Later this autumn, it will start catering to children and teenagers.

Securian, a St. Paul-based company, said that an increasing feeling of urgency led to the contribution. Children’s, which runs hospitals in St. Paul and Minneapolis, witnessed a 30% increase in children presenting to its emergency rooms with mental health crises in 2021. Similar increases have been recorded by other hospital systems.

In a statement, Nicole Hansen, executive director of the Securian Financial Foundation, said: “When you see the data and hear the tales, it’s devastatingly evident that we are confronting an unparalleled catastrophe right now with our kids and their mental health.” “So many individuals, including our staff members and clients, have kids who are going through mental health crises. Although this contribution to Children’s technically violates our present giving policies, we firmly believe that we have a duty to act and support our community in this urgent need.

The action departs from Securian’s customary charitable donations. Their philanthropic efforts are often focused on supporting youth development, encouraging economically sound neighborhoods, and fostering a vibrant community, primarily the arts.

One of the few facilities in the state that is suited to care for kids with complicated medical disorders is the new inpatient mental health unit. In addition to 22 individual rooms with ample room for parents to spend the night with their kid, it will include designs that prioritize natural light, sensory-friendly places, and secure outdoor access.

According to Jenny Soderholm, senior vice president, chief development officer, and president of the Children’s Minnesota Foundation, “as a nonprofit, the dedication of remarkable business supporters like Securian Financial is crucial to ensuring our kid experts can provide the mental health care our patients deserve.” “Without our donor community, we could not carry on this essential task.”

The seventh-largest pediatric health system in the US, Children’s, operates two hospitals, 12 general and specialized care clinics, seven rehabilitation facilities, and seven hospitals in Minnesota.

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