Retired maintenance man now teaching art in Pasco County

Not everyone should retire, at least not until they are really prepared. Ray Auclair, a resident of Pasco County who transformed his longtime pastime into a new job, taught us that lesson.

After a lengthy career in construction and maintenance work, Auclair retired years ago. However, he said he became restless and made the decision to accept a position as the maintenance manager at the independent and assisted living complex Watermark at Trinity.

Auclair stated, “I just so happened to notice the post for maintenance worker. It would get me out of the home for a few days, so I reasoned, “Well, I’ve done maintenance at lots of locations.”

A few years later, Auclair was able to retire once again after having plenty of time to mingle and meet new acquaintances. However, Ray felt restless once again and made the decision to pursue his passion of painting as yet another profession.

At Watermark and many other nearby assisted care homes, Auclair is now teaching painting workshops. He enjoys it immensely, and the locals are also having a good time. Some said that it was even improving their health.

Gail Noland, a local, stated, “I have neuropathy in my hands and I’ve discovered this is the finest remedy in the world for me to regain the use of my hands back.”

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