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Residents protest power outage in Miami apartment complex


Residents of a Miami apartment complex said that they have been without electricity since Wednesday night.

“This is unjust against us. Treat us like human beings,” added resident Roslin.

Residents of the Santa Clara II apartments were frustrated because, according to them, they had not been informed of the reason for the power outage.

“I cannot climb 12 stories. I have knee problems. I have a disease. This must cease,” said Roslin.

Monday, a representative for the Santa Clara II Units said in a statement that experts were dispatched to the site immediately after the electrical panel conduit that feeds electricity to 108 apartments failed.

“Engineers were sent quickly to the site, where they determined that restoring the panel would need a specialty component that is not commonly accessible. We are working closely with Siemens to get the component, repair the panel, and quickly restore power to the impacted units” The statement was partially read.

Dorothea, a local resident, said, “My mother had to go to the hospital since she depends on a BiPAP machine and cannot survive without power.”

Residents said that office personnel delivered meals to impacted residents on Saturday and Sunday.

“In the meanwhile, we have been informing tenants of the property about the issue on a regular basis and have been attempting to accommodate individuals impacted, including by arranging hotel accommodations,” the apartment complex’s representative stated. “We regret to our residents for the worry, anxiety, and difficulty this issue has created.”



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