Prescot Man Charged with Fraud Over Safety Forms

Following a Merseyside investigation into bogus cladding safety paperwork, a man has been prosecuted.

According to Merseyside Police, the individual, of Knowsley Lane in Prescot, was charged in 2020 with 88 counts of fraud by false representation.

The ESW1 forms, which were established in the wake of the 2017 Grenfell Tower incident, allow cladding to be evaluated for possible fire hazards.

On August 3, the 33-year-old man is scheduled to appear in Liverpool Magistrates’ Court.

Residents of high-rise apartment complexes claimed in November 2020 that a total of 88 forms had been signed off by a person who was not authorized to do so. “The forms need an appropriate expert to affirm the checks have been done,” the force stated.

“The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and impacted residents in places including South Wales and London forwarded the reports, which span the time period between June 23 and November 12, 2020, to Merseyside Police.

“The inhabitants were unable to demonstrate the low risk to their residences without legitimate EWS1 papers, which had an impact on their ability to get mortgages.”

According to the police, accurate inspections have subsequently been authorized and conducted on the premises.

The government outlawed the particular style of cladding that allowed the flames to spread so quickly five years after the Grenfell Tower disaster, which claimed 72 lives.

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