Port St. Lucie residents relieved trash is finally being picked up

Although Port St. Lucie now has a new garbage service, certain previous issues still exist. City officials said that it is already trying to play catch up because to the massive quantity of rubbish that the previous hauler left behind.

Even though locals weren’t sure which truck was picking up what when FCC Environmental Services made its first rounds through Rory Montello and Amber Hiner’s Port St. Lucie area, there is still optimism.

As perplexing as that may seem, Montello added, “I realize they’re just doing what they have to do.”

FCC began operations formally on Monday. Russ Blackburn, the city manager of Port St. Lucie, said that they had a three-week backlog and had completed Monday’s pickups on Tuesday.

They are taking a little longer to figure out their plan, but they are doing well anyway, according to Blackburn.

The aim is to clean up all the rubbish by Saturday.

Jason Dorsett was relieved to see a garbage truck and hoped it would help him get rid of the maggots and bugs he had been dealing with.

Will we get a refund of our money? said he.

Residents are receiving a $36 credit, according to the city manager, because of the previous company’s, Waste Pro, poor performance. That equates to around six weeks of service. Their new garbage bills, which go into effect the following month, will reflect the credit.

Residents are hopeful that the current once-weekly garbage service and once-monthly bulk waste pickup is sufficient for a city that is constantly expanding.

It will likely sit outside for a month if you have a water heater or anything similar, according to Montello.

Children pick up other people’s rubbish when playing outdoors since it has been there for a while and then proclaim, “Look at this chair I discovered,” said Hiner.

To ensure that the side loader can do its work, the city reminds homeowners to separate garbage from recycling and to space cans away from the curb by three feet.

“We’ll collect all the rubbish. If we are a day late, it will be due to volume and not to lack of effort, according to Blackburn.

Call the Port St. Lucie hotline at 772-871-1775 or visit the municipal website if you have any queries concerning garbage collection.

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