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Friday, March 31, 2023

Pedestrian and Motorcyclist Die in Collision in St. Paul

According to authorities, a biker collided with a pedestrian in St. Paul on Wednesday night, killing both men.

Around 10:10 p.m., a 911 caller reported an accident along the Mississippi River in Dayton’s Bluff. Officers were dispatched to Warner Road, which is located approximately a half-mile east of the U.S. 52 bridge. The males were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Adam Duane Meffert, 44, of St. Paul, was the pedestrian, and Robert John Nguyen, 50, was the motorcyclist.

According to Steve Linders, a police spokesperson, Nguyen was driving west on Warner Road when he struck Meffert, who was walking in the middle of the road. He also said he heard something strike his car, which cops detained at the scene to be processed for evidence.

The police investigation is still ongoing.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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