Palm Beach County residents share differing opinions on Trump lawsuit

Residents of Palm Beach County have differing views on the lawsuit brought against former President Donald Trump and his family.

“I’m a major Trump supporter. I really support his policies. He done a lot of excellent things for America, in my opinion “said Wes Harris.

Harris was seen by the media outside a restaurant in Jupiter’s Abacoa. He said he had doubts about the legal action Trump and his family were up against.

The former president has a golf facility in the neighborhood of Jupiter.

“Trump is wonderful, therefore I believe that is incorrect. He’s done a lot for us, and I just think it’s awful that they’re encroaching on his space, “said Melissa Weeks.

Nobody wanted to come out against Trump on television. Most claimed they were afraid of being attacked because of their ideas. In order to acquire someone who supports the case to speak, it was necessary to return to West Palm Beach.

“He is a dishonest individual. He tells lies. He is a sexist. all of the remarks made by others. He being sued is hardly unexpected, “said George Jackson. “They basically cover it up because there is so much fraud going on. You must reach a point when you must eventually bear the costs of your decisions.”

There were some who were really terrified to discuss the subject for fear that others would attack them for what they thought.

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