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Pair Kidnapped, Robbed Elderly Woman in Hialeah

A pair in Hialeah tried to “lottery scam” an elderly woman by stealing her jewels, kidnapping her, and making her withdraw money from an ATM, according to police.

According to the claims, Agudelo and Rojas-Chauta approached Maria Ortega, 75, while she was on her way home from the grocery shop.

According to the claims, the two were attempting to swindle Ortega by using the lottery scam known as “pigeon drop,” in which the victim is required to pay money in exchange for a higher sum of money.

Eventually, Rojas-Chauta asked Ortega if she may use her bathroom, and Ortega reportedly allowed her inside her house.

Once inside, Rojas-Chauta allegedly demanded all of Ortega’s jewels and shoved an unidentified item into her back.

“She threw something at me. When she commanded me to hand up all of my valuables at that point, I did so, Ortega stated in Spanish to NBC 6 on Wednesday.

According to the claims, Ortega turned up around $2,000 in jewels before Rojas-Chauta ordered her to leave the house and get into a vehicle being driven by Agudelo.

According to the reports, the two took Ortega to a bank in Hialeah where she was told to take $1,200 from her account.

Then they reportedly took her to a house where she was instructed to knock on the door and request $1,000 before they allegedly departed the area.

“I burst into tears and screamed. Despite my anxiety, I was able to phone the police, Ortega stated.

According to the reports, investigators located the suspects’ car, a silver Ford Explorer with a unique black stripe decal on its doors and a square white sticker, after reviewing security tape that revealed the individuals and the vehicle they were in.

The sources said that Agudelo, who was operating the Explorer, was chosen from a lineup of photos by the elderly victim.

The knuckle tattoo that was seen on the female suspect in the surveillance film was also present on Rojas-Chauta when authorities discovered her, according to the reports.

Records stated that Agudelo and Rojas-Chauta were booked into custody and kept there without bond on Wednesday. There was no information about the attorney.

“I’m terrified and I’m afraid to leave the house. My first day outside was yesterday, and I was unable to go alone, Ortega said on Wednesday. “I get nightmares every night. I can see her and his faces. I believed I was going to die.”

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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