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Olivia Pratt-Korbel was ray of sunshine, head teacher says


A head teacher has stated that a nine-year-old girl who was tragically murdered when a shooter broke into her house was “joyful” and “would constantly strive to assist people.”

On Monday, a shooter who had broken into Olivia Pratt-house Korbel’s in Dovecot, Liverpool, in pursuit of a different guy with no link to her, fatally shot her.

St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Junior School in Huyton, according to its headteacher Rebecca Wilkinson, was “shocked and in amazement.”

Olivia was “kind-hearted,” she said.

Olivia had been “a little ray of sunshine,” according to Ms. Wilkinson, and she was a “lively little spirit who was very, very popular with all her classmates.”

She said that the faculty is “devastated” and “can’t even begin to comprehend how the kids are going to feel when they return to school and she’s not there.”

She said that Olivia was “kind-hearted and would go out of her way to assist people” in a statement that was previously issued.

She recently took part in the school performance of The Wizard of Oz because she wanted to act, the witness said.

“Olivia will be sadly missed by the faculty and students at our school.”

The Archdiocese of Liverpool expressed its sorrow and sadness at the awful news in a statement.

Olivia was a part of the school community, and the spokesman added, “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, students, instructors, and the local community.”

Olivia was a “popular student,” according to Graham Morgan, the head of Knowsley Council. He said, “I know she will be a big loss to the school community and everyone who knew her.”

Olivia’s family were “totally crushed, inconsolable, and sad,” Merseyside Chief Constable Serena Kennedy said during a news conference.

She has encouraged the person who killed Olivia to turn himself in to the authorities.



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