North Carolina Man Facing 20 Charges in Pembroke Pines DUI Crash

A 38-year-old North Carolina man is charged with DUI after allegedly causing a four-vehicle crash that resulted in five individuals, including two children, being sent to the hospital.

Following the collision at 8 p.m. on November 6 in the 7200 block of eastbound Sheridan Street in Pembroke Pines, Harold Iparraguirre was booked into prison on Tuesday on 20 counts.

A fast, irresponsible motorist was reported by many witnesses to 911.

He rear-ended a 2007 Ford Expedition that hit two other cars while traveling up to 104 mph on a 45 mph roadway in a 2014 Honda Odyssey with two unrestrained kids, according to the police report.

The two kids of Iparraguirre were thrown from the rear seat into the front seat because they were not buckled in. One person had a shattered limb, severe brain injury, skull fracture, and brain hemorrhage. According to the report, the other also sustained wounds, a fractured cranium, and a broken leg.

The report was censored from the children’s ages and genders as well as those of the other accident victims.

Iparraguirre’s blood alcohol level was.135, or over double the legal limit of.080 in Florida, according to blood tests performed the day after the crash, according to investigators.

Ross Weiner, an assistant state attorney in Broward, recounted a lengthy list of past traffic violations, including a DUI conviction in Florida in 2004, at Iparraguirre’s first court appearance on Wednesday.

On allegations that include DUI causing severe harm, child abuse, child negligence, and reckless driving, Iparraguirre is still being held in the Broward County Jail. His debts are $465,000.

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