National Teachers Union Head Blasts DeSantis Education Policy

In terms of educational policy, the DeSantis administration has never shied away from stirring up controversy.

The American Federation of Teachers’ president, Randi Weingarten, traveled in from Washington on Wednesday and criticized the governor for what she called “weaponizing public education.” The governor really appears to like the attention his actions have generated.

At a press conference, Weingarten stated, “And we would encourage the governor, instead of smearing teachers, instead of calling them names, roll up your sleeves and join with us to genuinely help kids flourish.”

What is she referring about then? labels used by the DeSantis administration, such as “groomers” for teachers. As an example, the governor said a few weeks ago that “We have established a clear line in the sand that states our education system is for teaching kids, not indoctrinating youngsters.”

On the campaign trail, DeSantis extols his accomplishments in the field of education, claiming that his administration raised teacher salaries, gave parents more voice, and abolished FSA testing.

Weingarten claims that laws like the Stop Woke Act, the so-called “don’t mention gay” bill, and the Parental Rights in Education Act single out and divide pupils at a time when all of them need more attention than ever.

Weingarten spoke to “the folks who are standing behind me” when she was encircled by Broward Teachers Union members. “They didn’t go into teaching to be demagogues, to be dehumanized, to be smeared,” one teacher said. “They want to educate kids, they want to make a difference in kids’ lives.”

The new Florida legislation, according to Weingarten, have some instructors rethinking what they are allowed to say in class.

It aims to restrict the presentation of truthful history and prevent instructors from responding to students’ inquiries, she added.

At an event for his campaign on Tuesday, DeSantis said, “I would advise ’em to study Florida legislation.” Slavery, post-reconstruction segregation, and civil rights are all topics that must be included in American history classes. However, they must be taught properly.

That plays a significant role in DeSantis’ defense. Despite the fact that Florida’s K–12 curriculum has never included critical race theory (CRT), he claims that when he uses the word correctly, he means without adding anything.

Florida has a teacher shortage, according to Weingarten, in part because of governmental policy.

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