Naked Man with Bible Shot in Video, Accused Gunman Charged in Pembroke Pines

The suspected gunman is been charged with attempted murder after a nude guy with a Bible who was observed obstructing traffic and shouting at drivers in Pembroke Pines last year was shot on video.

The shooting that took place on February 24, 2021, was charged on Wednesday against Jean Baptiste, 32.

The arrest report states that Baptiste was smoking outside of an apartment in the Sunshine Gardens complex when Saad Choudary, then 21 years old and nude, came up to him from the complex’s pool area. According to Baptiste, he entered the flat to get away from Choudhary.

About ten minutes later, when Baptiste believed Choudhary had left, he returned outside, but Baptiste had already armed himself with his girlfriend’s revolver. When Choudhary returned, Baptiste pulled out his phone and captured him on camera for around 20 seconds, according to the report.

On camera, Baptiste can be heard urging Choudhary, “Get out of here with that [expletive] dude, I swear to God, get out of here,” many times. As Choudhary seemed to be reaching for the phone, Baptiste allegedly fired three additional bullets after first firing a warning shot into the ground, according to the investigation.

Baptiste dials 911 when Choudhary collapses on the ground. Baptiste said that Choudhary was carrying a mysterious black thing in his palm and that he was terrified for his life. Police reported finding a black Bible but no weapon next to Choudhary. The Taurus 9mm handgun was also taken into custody.

Baptiste was originally accused of having a weapon in his possession as a convicted criminal, but was later freed on bail.

Emergency surgery was performed on Choudhary’s right hand, left foot, chin, and left upper chest at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. According to the study, the blood loss resulted in a shortage of oxygen getting to the brain, which led to brain damage as well.

No one saw the shooting happen, but multiple witnesses told police that Choudhary was behaving strangely, stopping traffic in the 6800 block of Pembroke Road while brandishing a Bible and screaming at people, “Do you want this [expletive], I’m a give you this [expletive],” before being shot.

There was video and several other witnesses who had phoned 911 to report a crazy nude guy approaching cars.

After speaking with Choudhary’s family, police learned that Choudhary had been hospitalized the day before the shooting due to illness, according to his brother. Choudhary informed his brother he was going for a stroll the morning of the shooting because he felt better, but instead he landed himself back in the hospital with bullet wounds. Investigators stated the brother believed drug usage was to fault.

Baptiste is still being held without bail at the Broward County Jail.

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