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Mounds View man charged after his son reports dad was beating mom avoids jail time


In both one instance and another where he confessed to drawing a pistol on a guy in St. Paul, a 28-year-old Mounds View man who was prosecuted after his 10-year-old son contacted police to report that his father was “beating up” his mom escaped jail time.

On three occasions, Johnnie Ward Jr. and Ramsey County prosecutors reached a plea deal. In May, he would agree to plead guilty to two counts of making violent threats in return for the dismissal of four further felony charges.

On Friday, Ramsey County District Judge Joy Bartscher accepted the plea deal and sentenced Ward to two terms in prison: 21 months for the second conviction and a year and a day for the first. Following that, she postponed the penalties’ execution for three years, during which time Ward would be on closely monitored probation.

In July 2021, Ward received his first case. Police received an allegation from a friend of Ward’s that on July 24, Ward visited his residence in the 400 block of Galtier Street in St. Paul and begged him for money. According to a police complaint, when the guy declined, Ward—who looked to be under the influence of drugs—reached into his shorts, took a revolver out, and then demanded money once again.

The magazine eventually came loose as the two fought for the weapon. The guy raced inside a nursing home while holding the magazine. Ward pursued the assailant, handed a nurse the magazine, and instructed her to conceal it. Ward knocked the nurse to the ground, grabbed the magazine, and walked out of the room when she kicked it into a room.

In his second arrest this year, Ward was accused of eluding police while driving. On January 5, a Mounds View policeman saw Ward driving in the parking lot of the Cenex gas station at 2280 County Road I and initiated a traffic stop. According to the complaint, the officer was acquainted with Ward and was aware that his license had been suspended.

According to the complaint, Ward informed the officer that “they were just going to grab pizza” and then he began to drive away. Ward answered that he did not care when the police warned him against doing so because he would be charged with felony escape.

When Ward drove into the parking lot for his apartment complex just down the road, the officer followed him with emergency lights on. With assistance from more cops, the officer arrested Ward.

As a result of Ward’s plea bargain, the case was dropped.

Ward was detained in March and accused with domestic violence, domestic violence by strangling, threatening violence that caused fear, and eluding police in a car.

Charges said that about 9:50 p.m. on March 17, Ward’s 10-year-old son claimed that his father was “beating up his mother” at their apartment and that there was blood on the floor. When police were called to a fourplex in the 5600 block of Quincy Street, they saw the boy’s mother “sobbing hysterically” while sitting on the grass in front of the structure.

According to the allegations, there were nine kids present in the flat when the incident occurred.

The lady reported to the police that her ex-boyfriend Ward had choked her to the point that she believed she was going to pass away.

She said that when she declined Ward’s request for money, she turned away from him and entered the living room. Charges state that Ward pursued her, screaming that he demanded money, and then allegedly grabbed her by the back of the neck and strangled her. She admitted to the police that she believed she was about to faint.

As she attempted to flee, Ward allegedly grabbed her, wrapped his right arm around her neck, and strangled her with his forearm. He then allegedly flung her into the kitchen cabinets. Then, before letting KDM leave, a grownup witness gave Ward two bottle blows to the head. Ward escaped the residence.

Charges state that KDM said Ward threatened to murder her during the attack. The allegations state that when she implored him not to do it in front of the kids, Ward said, “(Expletive) the kids, they may die.”

The allegations state that the nine kids were “emotionally upset, but physically alright.”

Cops pursued Ward after seeing him exiting the apartment complex parking area in a 2007 Chrysler 300l; the chase eventually came to a halt when the officers performed a PIT maneuver around 73rd Avenue Northeast in Fridley. Ward has been detained.



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