Miramar Teen Found Safe One Year After She Went Missing

Police say they have located a Miramar youngster who went missing a year ago alive and well.

Detectives located 14-year-old Victoria Gonzalez and connected her with her family, the Miramar Police Department said on Tuesday.

The teen’s father, Enrique Gonzalez, described the situation as a source of comfort. “Staying the course has paid off in spades.”

Since her aunt left her off to Renaissance Middle School on September 17, 2021, her family has not seen her.

The location and method of her discovery have not been disclosed by police. Enrique Gonzalez said that the police gave him a tip that the adolescent had been seen in Miami, which is just 30 minutes away from his house.

The teen’s mother, Sophia Delaroz, described the moment she first saw her as “a moment you can’t express.” “I mean, I’m a mother once again. I was given a second opportunity.”

Although the teen’s father is still unclear of what transpired or who she was with, for the time being, his greatest concern is for her safety.

“I’m just trying to be patient. I’m simply waiting for her to reach out to me when she’s ready “said he. Thank God, she’s okay and unharmed.

Her father distributed tens of thousands of fliers in the hope that she would be discovered after her abduction sparked a major search.

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