Minnesota Department of Health Takes Control of Pine Island Nursing Home

The Minnesota Department of Health has taken control of a Pine Island care facility because a mounting list of unpaid invoices might jeopardize residents’ access to crucial services.

A temporary injunction was recently obtained by Ramsey County District Court in St. Paul, allowing the state to safeguard residents at the Pine Haven Care Center until operational and management concerns are resolved.

Pathway Health, a management company, has been hired by state health officials to stabilize the facility’s operations, assist its personnel, and ensure that residents get appropriate treatment.

Pine Haven is home to 52 people and has a capacity of 70 beds.

“We do not take this uncommon measure lightly,” Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm stated, “but the evidence showed a need for quick action to safeguard people’ safety and continued access to important services.” “We’re concentrating on ensuring a seamless transition and deciding the next steps to satisfy the needs of residents, employees, and families.”

State law authorizes receiverships, which allow authorities to take control of a nursing home in specific cases where residents’ health and safety are at risk. The receivership period is limited to 18 months.

“As we seek to stabilize operations, we are engaging with family members and residents about the change,” said Maria King, head of the state Health Regulation Division. “We’ll work with the new managing agency to assist residents and workers as they adjust to their new surroundings.”

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