Miami Police Seek Suspect Who Sexually Assaulted Woman at Bus Stop

The guy who sexually attacked a lady at a bus stop last month is being sought by Miami Police.

In the early hours of August 16 in the vicinity of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest 18th Road, the event took place.

Around one in the morning, the culprit was allegedly seen on security footage exiting a dark-colored 4-door pickup, probably a Chevrolet Silverado, and walking up to the victim.

The woman told investigators that she had slept off a few hours earlier on a bus seat before being shocked awake by the guy who was standing above her and had shoved his genitalia into her mouth, according to the police.

A close witness responded to her cries for assistance as the culprit left the area on foot by rushing to her rescue.

According to police, the guy fled from his vehicle but subsequently drove off in it after realizing no one was after him.

The suspect was described as being between 30 and 50 years old, standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall, and with a protruding midline and stomach. He had sideburns and long gray hair that was tied back into a ponytail. He was last spotted sporting a dark-colored pair of shorts and an army green T-shirt.

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