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Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department Issues No-Swim Advisory

The Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewage Department (WASD) has issued a no-swim warning due to a localized sanitary sewer overflow caused by recent heavy rains.

WASD personnel erected berms on-site to confine the wastewater, but early data indicates the overflow was around 200,000 gallons.

Although WASD employees were able to recover the majority of the leak, around 10,000 gallons reached the neighboring Shrimper’s Lagoon.

Consequently, a warning against swimming has been issued for Virginia Key Beach and Outdoor Center, Crandon Beach, Key Biscayne Beach, and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

In regions with a no-swim recommendation, the public should avoid other water-based leisure activities such as fishing and boating.

The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County and the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources will continue monitoring the affected waterways, and the advisory will stay in force until two consecutive days of clean samples are collected.

South Florida is expected to have heavy rainfall over the next several days, but citizens can help prevent wastewater overflows by keeping manhole covers closed and reducing their water use to the greatest degree feasible.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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