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Miami-Dade Boy Spends First Day Back With Loved Ones Since Kidnapping


JoJo Morales, a 6-year-old who was taken to Canada by his father and held captive there for two months, was welcomed home by relatives and friends on Wednesday.

“I check to see whether I’m still not dreaming by touching myself, “explained Yanet Leal Concepcion, his mother.

At the Miami International Airport, the two shared a tearful reunion. Tuesday night, JoJo took a flight from Canada to South Florida.

Oh my God, is this really happening, I think as he keeps kissing me this morning.” said Concepcion.

JoJo spent the afternoon with the media. He had been away since the end of August, and today was his first day back at home.

His greatly loved friends and relatives were all around him. They were toasting each other over pizza.

Concepcion said, “He kept caressing me to make sure it was me this morning.

According to the police, Jorge Morales, JoJo’s father, and Lilliam Pea Morales, his maternal grandmother, abducted JoJo.

“He believed I had vanished. I finally found you, he said. He will not discuss his father. He believes his father is dead “stated Concepcion.

After a Walmart customer saw JoJo with his father, the youngster was located on Sunday in New Brunswick, Canada. She then made a police call.

As a mother, I did it. She told NBC 6, “I did it because I can’t imagine never seeing my baby or wondering, did they murder him.

Concepcion said she will always be appreciative.

She remarked, “I think she was like an angel. “I feel shivers. I’m not sure how to express my gratitude.



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