Mayor Says Bus Operator’s 8.5% Pay Offer Not Enough

In light of the ongoing strike, the mayor of Liverpool has urged a bus company to “put people before profit.”

Workers at Arriva North West (ANW) went on strike last week over salary.

Mayor Joanne Anderson criticized a “pitifully little salary raise” given to employees in a letter to Arriva CEO Mike Cooper.

According to ANW, a pay raise of 8.5 percent would provide drivers the highest wage of any significant bus business in the area.

However, Ms. Anderson said in a tweet that she was “in sympathy” with bus drivers in their call for “better working conditions and fairer compensation.”

She said, “I also recognize the effect this strike is having, especially on our most vulnerable people.

I demanded in writing to Arriva that they address this and put people before profit.

Customers were apologized to by an Arriva spokeswoman, who also stated that any wage rise “must be feasible to safeguard fares and networks.”

Trade unions have been asked by the employer to end their strike and participate in negotiations.

We love our employees and are deeply worried about the growing cost of living, so we acted swiftly to give a considerable salary raise that very few businesses in the public or private sector are matching, according to a statement.

It has been proposed despite passenger numbers falling below pre-pandemic levels and operational expenses, such as gasoline, rising overall.

Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and portions of Cheshire have seen service cancellations as a result of the industrial action, which began last Wednesday.

The firm, which supplies two-thirds of Liverpool’s bus services, must “take some responsibility,” according to Labour Mayor Ms. Anderson, for the welfare of its employees.

She said that the staggered 8.5 percent wage increase proposed by Arriva would not shield workers from the cost-of-living crisis.

“With the implementation of the first 5% of the rise in April and the remaining 3.5% in October, employees will be forced into working poverty.

“I implore Arriva to quickly resume discussions in order to prioritize fair wages and provide essential bus services to our communities,” she said.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) is planning to strike at railway companies and Network Rail on Wednesday, which would cause even more delays for passengers.

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