Margate Man Caught with Fake Driver’s Licenses, Social Security Cards, Real Drugs: Police

His driver’s license was suspended, but Margate Police said they were able to apprehend him because he also possessed 27 additional licenses and fraudulent Social Security cards.

Around 8:18 p.m. on Saturday, Junior Augustin Jeudy, 31, was operating a gray Dodge Charger when he was stopped in the 5500 block of Atlantic Boulevard for having tinted windows that were too dark, according to police.

Jeudy said that the automobile belonged to a friend and that he had only borrowed it for a few days, according to the police report.

A record check found that Jeudy’s license had been suspended since September 12 due to her failure to pay a traffic citation she received in Fort Lauderdale in July.

According to the report, the officer instructed Jeudy to exit the vehicle because it was going to be hauled away since he was unable to operate it while his license was suspended.

Before the vehicle was removed, the officer searched it and discovered a laptop computer hidden inside a bag. Despite the fact that two pieces of mail with his name and address were discovered inside the rucksack, Jeudy claimed it wasn’t his, according to police.

The policeman claimed to have also discovered 27 bogus Social Security cards and 27 false driver’s licenses inside the rucksack. Only five distinct photos were on the driver’s licenses, although having varied names and numbers.

Additionally, six baggies of marijuana were found, leading to Jeudy’s arrest, according to the police.

He received citations for the driving infractions as well as charges for possessing marijuana and fake papers. According to documents, Jeudy was freed from the Broward County Jail on Sunday after posting bail totalling $30,000.

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