Maplewood Primary Election Results 2022

In local and congressional primary elections across New Jersey, voting finished at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, and the results are still being counted.

Two Democrats competed in Maplewood’s primary for the right to run in the general election on Nov. 8. The local Democratic Committee backed both Deborah Engel and Kurt Kiley for the one available seat in an uncommon move.

The following are some preliminary findings:

  • Deb Engel: 538
  • Kurt Kiley: 102

This year, Maplewood residents can vote in the 11th Congressional District contest in New Jersey.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a Democrat who was first elected in 2018, currently holds the seat. On Tuesday, she didn’t face a Democratic primary challenger. In November, though, five Republicans ran against her. Tayfun Selen, Paul DeGroot, Ruth McAndrew, Alexander R. Halter, and Toby Anderson were the Republican contenders for Sherrill’s seat.

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