Maplewood Mulls Banning Guns From Public Spaces

Town authorities in Maplewood, New Jersey, recently placed a warning for residents regarding gun safety and the state’s “Red Flag” statute, which is still fresh in people’s minds in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school killings. A new legislation banning the carrying of firearms in parks and public spaces in Maplewood is also being considered by certain town authorities.

In a recent statement, Maplewood stated that “providing the following information is a public health strategy to assisting our community lessen the devastating consequences of gun violence on our people.”

The letter mentions New Jersey’s “Red Flag” Law, also known as the Extreme Risk Protective Order Act. It indicates that a person can ask law enforcement to cancel a household member’s licence and gun if they are worried the person poses a harm to themselves or others by having access to a firearm.

In the meanwhile, Victor DeLuca, the deputy mayor of Maplewood, was quoted as saying last week in a TAPInto broadcast that “I totally think that we ought to establish an ordinance forbidding the ownership of a gun, in our parks, in public buildings.” Some committee members at the meeting agreed with the idea.

The debate started when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that some state laws that made it challenging to get a weapons permit were unconstitutional.

The township attorney, however, opined that the law might not be legal. In order to learn more, officials indicated they will contact law police.

Call Maplewood Police at (973) 762-3400 or the Essex County Criminal Division Main Number at (973) 776-9300 x55932 to make a request under the “Red Flag” Law.

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