Maplewood Artist Provides Services for Relatives Who Rescued Ukraine Refugees

Local citizens are attempting to gather money not just for refugees but also for persons who are lodging those who have fled as the crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its fourth month.

A Maplewood artist recently utilized GoFundMe to gather money for Polish relatives who took in 26 Ukrainian women and their children who “arrived with nothing but the clothing on their backs.”

Justyna Stec was able to raise $12,382 thanks to the help of her friends and neighbors, surpassing her original target of $8,500.

On her recent GoFundMe page, she wrote:

“So far, my Polish family (Majdan Królewski and Nowa Dba) have taken in 26 Ukrainian migrants. Because the violence drove them to leave everything behind, these ladies and their children came with nothing except the clothing they were wearing and a few belongings they could carry.”

She went on to say, “Each of them is a lovely, industrious person with goals and ambitions for the future. Those hopes, along with practically all of their tangible things, have been lost as a result of the conflict.”

“I hope you understand you genuinely affected other people’s life,” she wrote a month ago after exceeding her target. Adults are doing their best, babies are being fed, toddlers are walking, and adults are doing their best. We’re talking about education, employment, and bicycles, all of which we take for granted.

“Thanks to your wonderful help, we were able to enroll children in school, obtain health insurance for all of the families, and find employment for some of the adults!” and lent a hand to their Polish hosts Please read this and know that you made a significant difference.”

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