Man charged with sexually assaulting woman who was walking to St. Paul gas station

A guy is in custody after being accused of attacking a lady sexually and physically on Friday night in St. Paul.

A 47-year-old lady said that a stranger grabbed her and pulled her to an alley in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood.

According to the criminal complaint filed on Tuesday, a man in a neighboring apartment heard screams and went to check when he saw a man holding a woman’s head beneath his arm “as if in a chokehold.” The suspect released the lady after the witness yelled, “What the heck are you doing? ”

In the 700 block of North Snelling Avenue, shortly before 11:30 p.m. on Friday, the witness instructed the lady to go to a neighboring gas station for assistance. It was at this point that police were called.

The witness pursued the culprit as he sought to apprehend the woman. The guy was seen by another person at the petrol station before he fled.

Police detained a guy they discovered hiding in a garage. Korzell Javon Johnson, 21, of St. Paul, was named as the man.

A hospital received the woman. Her eyes were swelled shut, and she had a broken nose.

Later, the woman informed police that while waiting to cross the street as she walked to the gas station on Snelling Avenue, she heard noises behind her. She claimed to have turned and seen a guy approaching her quickly.

She said that he seized her and repeatedly hit her in the face, head, and eyes. She said that he pushed her behind a building where he continued to pound and strike her while grabbing hold of her hair. According to the lawsuit, she claimed the guy told her, “You’re going to die today” and “I’m going to have to murder her.” She claimed that when he coerced her into performing a sexual act, she was slipping in and out of consciousness.

Police were informed that the suspect was last seen fleeing across yards in the 1400 block of Englewood Avenue after he had left.

When police heard loud crashing noises coming from a detached garage, they opened the garage door with the homeowner’s consent. Johnson was discovered hiding behind a bookcase.

According to the complaint, Johnson said in a police interview that he did not abuse anybody and that his brother was the one who hit his ex-girlfriend. He said that his brother was dressed in a black T-shirt and white jeans, which did not fit the description of his attire provided to police by witnesses.

According to the lawsuit, Johnson was seen on video from the Snelling Avenue gas station entering the business at around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, being confronted by customers, and then fleeing the scene.

Johnson was accused by the Ramsey County Attorney’s office of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and third-degree assault resulting in great bodily damage. He made his initial court appearance about the allegations on Wednesday and was kept behind bars in lieu of $100,000 bail.

According to RAINN, the majority of sexual assaults are carried out by a victim’s friend; roughly 20% are done by a stranger (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).

According to Minnesota court records, Johnson was found guilty of trespassing as a misdemeanor in 2020. Johnson’s legal representative could not be reached on Wednesday.

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