Man Charged With Assaulting Woman Waiting in St. Paul Fast Food Drive-Thru

Authorities claim that a 45-year-old man “brutally assaulted” a 70-year-old lady for failing to move her car forward at the Burger King drive-through in St. Paul, where he also stabbed a man in 2019.

According to a criminal complaint, Jason John Morales tried “yanking her out of the car window” and grabbed the lady by the hair on the back of her head in the June 26 incident. He was also charged with third-degree assault and first-degree attempted aggravated robbery.

According to the lawsuit, she was left with a “quite substantial area” of hair gone from the back of her head.

The punishment Morales, of St. Paul, received after being found guilty of stabbing a man in the stomach and chest at the Burger King at 695 E. Seventh St. in 2019 places him on supervised probation until July 19, 2024.

According to the woman involved in the current incident, Burger King staff requested her to move forward as they waited for her order. Then Morales drew up to the window in back of her.

After some while, Morales started screaming at the woman to get up. According to her, she replied by informing him that she had been requested to go ahead and wait and that there was space for him to maneuver around her vehicle.

When Morales tried to unlock the woman’s car door but was unsuccessful, he tried again and grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head in an attempt to “yank her out of the car window,” according to the allegations. Then, he backed out of the parking space.

A dispute between Morales and a 36-year-old man allegedly started at the Listening House drop-in homeless shelter before moving to the neighboring Burger King, according to a criminal complaint filed in February 2019. Morales was allegedly the aggressor during the altercation, according to a witness.

Morales admitted to using a deadly weapon while committing second-degree assault, and his counsel successfully fought for a dispositional departure on his behalf. Morales was given a 21-month jail term by Ramsey County District Judge Robert Awsumb in place of five years of probation, which came with a number of requirements, including that Morales remain out of trouble.

A probation officer suggested in a court request that the stayed sentence be revoked when he was accused in the June crime. Next month is the date of a hearing.

As of Wednesday, Morales was incarcerated, and his lawyer could not be reached for comment.

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