Man Caught on Camera Stealing Laptop Computer Inside Barry University Library

A Miami-Dade County medical student is coming out after reporting that he was robbed inside the university’s library.

At Barry University in Miami Shores, a student by the name of Mario claimed to have lost his laptop computer while he was at the library. The guy was seen on camera waiting for Mario to leave the computer alone before he entered and took it.

I’ve been adjusting to new study techniques in the meanwhile. I had a lot of crucial information on that computer, and I have a license test for medical school coming up shortly,” Mario stated.

He stated that while the individual has not been named, other kids at the school have observed them during the last two weeks.

He said, “I simply have to get over this hurdle and work to spread the word to other kids that if they are leaving anything behind that’s essential to them, think again.

In a statement, Barry University said they were “aware of this single, isolated occurrence and are working closely with Miami Shores police to locate and capture the accountable party.”

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