Man Arrested in $1 Robbery Shooting in Miami Beach Charged in Separate Violent Robbery

A guy is now being charged in a second violent robbery after being accused of shooting a pupil during a $1 heist in Miami Beach.

Ranier Figueroa, 25, was detained back on August 18 in relation to the gunshot and robbery that occurred on July 21.

Figueroa, though, is accused of strongarm robbery in relation to an incident that happened on July 16, according to a recent arrest report.

The victim was reportedly strolling in the 600 block of 7th Street just before 2 a.m. when Figueroa approached him from behind and punched him with a closed hand, as shown on security footage.

According to the complaint, Figueroa continuously kicked and struck the victim until he fell to the ground.

According to the complaint, Figuero took the victim’s bag, which contained his cash, credit cards, and telephone, and left the area.

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