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Keith Ellison Warns Against Minnesota Crisis Pregnancy Centers

In Minnesota, crisis pregnancy clinics are eligible for public money, but Keith Ellison, the attorney general, advises citizens to stay away from them.

In a consumer advisory published on Tuesday, Ellison said that these kinds of facilities had “limited offerings” and a “possibly misleading character.”

According to Ellison, “many crisis pregnancy clinics pretend to give complete healthcare, but their goal is to prevent pregnant individuals from obtaining that right — which they sometimes do by misleading, misinforming, or deceiving people.

I want to warn Minnesotans that crisis pregnancy centers often don’t provide the services they advertise, and that the information they provide on abortion and contraception may be unreliable or deceptive.

According to Minnesota’s “Positive Alternatives” statute, crisis pregnancy clinics are eligible for public assistance.

Positive Alternatives grants “give cash to non-profit groups promoting good pregnancy outcomes and helping pregnant and parenting women create and sustain family stability and self-sufficiency,” according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

According to the agency, funds totaling $3,357,000 for a five-year term were given out in 2021.

Crisis pregnancy centers outnumber abortion facilities in Minnesota by an 11:1 ratio, according to a recent survey by the abortion rights organization “Alliance,” and almost two-thirds of Minnesota CPCs make inaccurate or biased medical claims regarding abortions.

However, proponents of the centers assert that they provide vital services to their neighborhoods, including as daycare, medical attention, parenting seminars, free clothing and diapers, help with the adoption process, and educational support.

“Instead of speaking out for Minnesotan women, Keith Ellison is behaving like an advocate for the abortion business. Pregnancy care facilities provide practical assistance and abortion alternatives so that women don’t feel that abortion is their only choice “In a statement, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life informed Patch.

“The attorney general is unfairly criticizing these compassionate centers based on a “study” written by pro-abortion organizations while paying no attention to Minnesota’s abortion facilities, which are neither regulated or inspected by the state. Ellison’s predisposition in favor of abortion is clear to see.”

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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